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Drain Field & Septic Tank System Restoration

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Why Replace Your Drain Field When Your Drain Field Can be Restored at a Fraction of the Cost?

When a septic drain field fails, it's almost always because the soil—not the septic tank or the drain pipes—is clogged up and compacted. This keeps the fluids from your septic tank from being able to drain out into the soil like they are supposed to. This makes the septic tank back up and, if the problem is bad enough, raw sewage can back up into your home's plumbing fixtures. That's it. That's how simple the problem is!

How We Do Septic Drain Field Restoration

Advanced Septic, LLC, based in Colorado Springs, Colorado and also serving Pueblo and Castle Rock, knows how to restore your septic drain field—tackling the problem right where it starts. We use the state-of-the-art Deep Soil Decompactor machine. This soil shaker machine safely opens pathways underneath your lawn so that your septic system fluids can flow freely again, leaching out and away from your system. If you live in Colorado Springs, Pueblo or Castle Rock (and all areas between)

Specializing in Septic Pumping and Cleaning

If your septic tank requires maintenance, we provide both pumping and cleaning. If you inspect your septic tank regularly, do make sure you call us to pump the sludge when it's time to clean the tank. Generally, the proper time for a cleaning is when the scum formed between the sludge and floating water is within about 6 inches of the outlet pipe that leads to the drain field. Septic system owners are required to pump their tank at least once every four years.

Septic System Inspections and Septic Title Transfer

We are members of NAWT and State Certified. Please call us if you need to transfer your title's inspection. Each county has individual rules and requirements for title transfer. This means if you are buying or selling a property, you need to make sure all county rules are followed to be able to make the Septic System Title Transfer.

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